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iFacilitate specializes in enabling effective collaboration across organizations, sectors and disciplines, particularly in the field of conflict engagement and peacebuilding. We provide the frameworks, techniques and tools that support people in working together constructively and in agreeing on future actions and projects.

Peacebuilding involves working with problematic situations of complexity, uncertainty and requiring change at many social dimensions. No one organization or group can hope to have all the relevant knowledge, experience and capacity to address the diversity of arising issues with all stakeholders, whether at local, national or international level. Yet there is a need for interventions to be appropriate, coordinated and timely if unintended outcomes are to be avoided.

iFacilitate provides the process expertise and works with you in developing effective interventions where stakeholder engagement and collaboration is important for meaningful and sustainable impacts. We draw on the interplay between research and practice, identify potentially useful input from across disciples and areas of practice, and make use of online communication tools and technology as befits your needs.