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Completion of the SELVET Project

SELVET - Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in Vocational Education and Training (VET) - was a partnership project subsidized by the European Commission's Life Long Learning Programme. It took place over 2 years from October 2013 to September 2015. The partnership consisted of 5 organisations from Hungary (Budapest), Germany (Göttingen) the Netherlands (The Hague), Malta (Valetta) and the United Kingdom (London). Elizabeth worked with Creative Youth, the UK partner, in organizing and in facilitating the UK visit, in carry out evaluation of the meetings, and in writing and editing the guidebook which was a major output of the partnership. 

Social and emotional learning (SEL) programmes help children and adults to develop the fundamental skills for life effectiveness. SEL helps students to become good communicators, cooperative members of a team, effective leaders, and caring, concerned members of their communities. The present project aimed to explore the implementation of SEL programmes within vocational education and after-school settings in the different partner countries. Each partner hosted a 3-day visit to their country and organized lectures, meetings, excursions, discussion sessions and cultural activities. Through this process, partners learnt of SEL implementation within each partner country, and got to know more of each other's culture. When visiting the UK, partners got a flavour of community life in Surbiton by taking part in activities such as Surbiton Ski Sunday, the King's Soup and Homage's Cheese Club!

The collaboration saw the production of a guidebook which gives an overview of the concept of SEL and its application within partner countries, aims to raise awareness of its importance, and provides a rationale and argument for inclusion of such programmes in VET. The guidebook is provided here as a pdf. Further information on the project and the partners' activities can be found on the project website (

pdf documents: