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Facilitation Guide for teachers in Puntland, Somalia

In December 2012,  Elizabeth of iFacilitate was approached by Interpeace, Somali programme and asked to contribute to writing for their Mobile Audio-Visual project.  This project, undertaken jointly by  Interpeace and its Somali partner, the Puntland Development Research Centre (PDRC), makes use of film documentaries to arouse interest and to increase awareness amongst youth on key issues related to peace, reconciliation, democratization processes and security.  After watching the films,  dialogue and discussion would enable the young people to explore the issues with each other, deepening their understanding and knowledge in doing so.  

Teachers play a critical role in helping young people to engage in inclusive discussions on such complex topics. The manual aims to support teachers in developing the necessary facilitation skills. Elizabeth worked with the team and undertook writing of the introductory and facilitation sections of the manual. Feedback from the teachers was very appreciative and great interest was expressed in the facilitation methodology, something that was very new to them. 

The manual can be downloaded here