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Our Clients

The Open University - Consultant and Associate Lecturer

The Open University is world-known and renowned for the quality of its distance learning courses and the support and opportunities that it offers to learners from all walks of life. It is active in academic research and pedagogic innovation and is a world leader in its field. Elizabeth of iFacilitate has over 21 years tutoring experience with the Open University, supporting students at all stages of their learning journey in the scientific, environmental and development management disciplines. She has co-ordinated, designed and facilitated professional development provision for peers, and has written toolkits and reports on assessment and learning. She has also carried out a range of consultancy contracts involving researching the literature, assessing it for relevance to practice and communicating her findings in a format suited to the client's need.

"Dr Mc Donnell worked with me on a literature review for research into how strategy is formed in multi-level governance systems in education. She produced an extensive and systematic literature review which was used to inform and underpin the research. The review was completed to time and was well structured and fluent. During this time Dr Mc Donnell collaborated in several meetings which informed the development of the review and ensured that it was fully fit for purpose. I have worked in collaboration with Dr Mc Donnell for a number of years on several projects and would have no hesitation in recommending her to colleagues for both the high quality of her work and fluency of writing style."

Dr Jacqueline Baxter, Associate Professor Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management, Chair B839: The Management initiative, The Open University, September 2017

"Elizabeth is a first class teacher, trainer and peacebuilding consultant. This was evident in the work she did on the module TU875, 'War, Intervention and Development' which is part of the MSC in Development Management at the Open University. I would highly recommend her."

Helen Yanacopulos, Senior Lecturer, International Politics and Development, The Open University, 2012

Interpeace - Researcher and Developer of Training Materials

Interpeace is an international peacebuiliding organisation and a strategic partner of the United Nations. In Somalia, Interpeace supported the Puntland Development Research Centre (PDRC) in developing the Mobile Audio-Visual project. This aims to stimulate discussions between youth and rural communities on topics such as peace, democracy and security. Elizabeth of iFacilitate researched and wrote the facilitation section of the teacher training manual as part of this project. 

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Elizabeth. Her flexibility, sensitivity, and ability to dive into the midst of a complex project were first rate, as were the very solid pedagogical underpinnings she provided to our endeavour. The Somali teachers who benefited from her guidance on facilitation were very appreciative. We would highly recommend her.” 

Jessamy Garver-Affeldt,  Program Officer, Interpeace Somali programme, 2013

The British Council’s Intercultural Navigator Programme - Facilitator

Intercultural navigators are young people passionate about taking action to achieve positive social change and who wish to promote a greater inclusiveness in society. Elizabeth of iFacilitate supported them in developing their leadership and cross-cultural communication skills as well as taking forward their project ideas.

"Elizabeth has done excellent work for the British Council in facilitating the personal development of future young leaders and influencers in intercultural contexts. She takes great care in preparing and planning her work, challenges participants to think creatively and originally at all times and uses an imaginative and sensitive approach. I have very much enjoyed working with her."

Mary Redshaw, Advisor Justice and Human Rights at the British Council UK, 2009

‘A Space for All’, a Local Agenda 21 project - Facilitator and Project Manager

The ‘A Space for All’ project was an ambitious community programme to provide leisure and recreational facilities for the use of all on the playing fields of the village of Cookley, Worcestershire. Over 10 years, £370,000 of funding was raised and was used to develop a new children’s playground, a natural play area, a skateboard park, BMX track, 'hangout' shelter, community seating area, canalside terrace and information boards.

Elizabeth of iFacilitate designed, organised and facilitated a range of community consultation processes, worked with the core group to plan and to manage the project, secured funding and liaised with funding bodies, planners and other stakeholders. She organised a series of community workshops and performance events which contributed to the project’s development and success. These included a launch event and two outdoor performances on the newly created canalside terrace.

“Thank you so much for everything you have done to make this project possible. It has been our great pleasure to be involved in such a special event. You are a wonderful woman and an inspiration. We very much hope that we can collaborate on a project again soon.”

Bohemian Events, Artistic Performers for the Celebrating Cookley event, 2009

The West Midlands Faiths Forum - Facilitator 

The West Midlands Faiths Forum (WMFF) was set up to act as a strategic regional body. It facilitates faith communities in coming together and learning from each other, and makes major contributions to the development of policy in the West Midlands. Other faith networks and fora facilitate faith leaders and communities in collaborating and in working with others on local issues of interest and of concern.

Elizabeth of iFacilitate worked with the groups in developing their networks, designed and facilitated workshops, organised conferences and away-days, enabled dialogue between participants from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and provided written feedback and reports.

“Dr Mc Donnell has the happy knack of being a calm facilitator in what can often be turbulent discussions. We are now a thriving group of faith leaders, due largely to Elizabeth setting us off in the right direction.”

Tim Healey, Localities and Communities Officer, Warwickshire County Council, 2007