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iFacilitate is led by Dr Elizabeth Mc Donnell, a trained facilitator, mediator and tutor with over seventeen years of experience in the field. She has worked with diverse groups across community, voluntary and public sectors, and draws on theory and practice to inform her approach. Elizabeth is a qualified academic with a wide knowledge of scientific, enviornment and development management subject areas. She is an experienced Open University Associate Lecturer, and is skilled in supporting learning and professional development. She places great importance on her own learning, continuing to study, train and carry out research.

iFacilitate Associates and Co-workers come from a pool of known and trained professional facilitators, mediatiors and traineres. We can bring in additional professional expertise as and when needed, drawing on trusted colleagues with whom we have worked in different ways. Depending on your requirements, the team may include those with expertise in architecture, education, theatre, business management and development, and technological applications.